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2008-Aug-5 - Karazhan Attunement WoW Gold Guide

wow gold

Karazhan is a ten player raid where a key is buy wow gold necessary not only to open the door to the instance but also to enter the instance portal. The masters key can be obtained through a series of quests starting outside the instance. The instance is at the southern most part of Deadwind Pass at the end of the river.

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1. Contact from cheap wow gold Dalaran (Alterec Mountains)

(47, 75) Speak with Archmage Alrturus and complete the quest.

You are now attunned to Kharazan.

2. Khadgar (Shattrath)
From Ironforge fly to Southshore wow gold in the Hillsbrad foothills and go north into the Alterec Mountains.

(15, 54) Speak with Archmage Cedric and complete the quest. Get the follow up quest Khadgar

3. Arcane Disturbances (Deadwind Pass)
(54,44) Speak with Khadgar in the Terrace of Light

Get the follow up quest Entry into Karazhan

4. Entry into Karazhan (Auchindoun - Shadow Labyrinth)

The second fragment: Form a group to go buy wow gold through the 5 man instance Steamvaut of Coilfang Reservoir in Zangermarsh. It would be best if the group only needed to do the first boss, or were also on the same quest as you, otherwise you may end up needlessly going through the whole instance. The arcane container can be found past the first enterance in the water. There is no need to kill the first boss if you don??t want to.

The third fragment: Form a group to group to go through the Arcatraz of Tempest Keep a 5 man instance in Netherstorm. Either one person in the group must have the Arcatraz Key, or you need a rogue with maxed out lockpicking to open the door. The arcane container can be found just before the first boss Zereketh the Unbound to the right as you enter the room.

5. Return to Khadgar (Deadwind Pass)

orm a group to go through the 5 man World of Warcraft gold instance shadow labyrinth in Terokkar Forest. At the end of the instance BEFORE you kill the boss Murmur, go to the left hand side of the boss. Here, against the wall, you will find an arcane container. When you open the container an elite mob will spawn, so make sure your group is there to help you. The mob holds the key not the container.

(54,44) Return to Khadgar in the Terrace of Light, hand in the quest, and get the follow up The Second and Third Fragments.

(54,44) Return to Khadgar in the wow terrace of light, hand in the quest, and get the follow up The Master??s Touch.

6. The Master??s Touch (The Caverns of Time - Black Morass)
Form a group to go through the 5 man instance Black Morass in the Caverns of Time. Make sure all of your group have done the Black Morass attunement first. Complete opening the dark portal to speak to Medivh in the instance, he will then give you the masters key.

Get the follow up Return to cheapest wow gold Khadgar

7. The Second and Third Fragments (Coilfang Reservoir and Tempest Keep)

(47, 75) Speak with Archmage Alrturus outside the instance, who will give you the quest Arcane Disturbances. It??s best to pick up the quest Restless Activity also while you??re there.

(48, 78) Go down one of the two entrances leading down into the wow gold ground. One of these leads to the pond while the other leads to the well. When you get to the pond/well use the Violet Scrying Crystal.

(47, 75) When you return to Archmage Alrturus you should have enough ghostly essenses to be able to hand in Restless Activity along with Arcane Disturbances.

Get the follow up quest Contact from Dalaran.

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